Organized October 23, 1915 as the state affiliate of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing, the New Jersey League headquarters were located in Newark for over 25 years. In 1952, a vote by the members approved the corporation's name change and amended the purpose for which the organization was formed. Thus, the New Jersey League for Nursing, Inc. was born with a new direction ...

That new direction was to foster the development and improvement of nursing services and nursing education through the interaction of nurses, consumers, and a variety of health care providers. The New Jersey League for Nursing supports and implements the mission of the National League for Nursing, to advance quality nursing education to meet the needs of diverse populations in an ever changing health care environment at the constituent level. It is a nonprofit organization that may receive tax-deductible contributions.

With generous financial support from corporations, foundations, individual contributions, and special fundraising events, the New Jersey League for Nursing has awarded more than $200,000 in nursing scholarships. Scholarships are granted to those interested in pursuing a career in professional nursing or continuing their nursing education.

The New Jersey League for Nursing offers educational programs relative to current health care issues to provide a forum for improving nursing practice and education. In 1998 we joined with the New Jersey State Nurses Association to co-sponsor the annual NEW JERSEY NURSING CONVENTION. The nurses of New Jersey have shown their enthusiastic support of this endeavor with their overwhelming attendance. The three-day event brings together over 800 participants and 100 exhibitors who display state-of-the-art medical products, services, and technology available in health care today.

From the nurses' role as patient advocate, to the advances in nursing practice, to nurse entrepreneurs venturing out in their own businesses, nurses have proven to be cost-effective providers of quality health care.



The New Jersey League for Nursing (NJLN) is the only organization in New Jersey in which registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, allied healthcare providers, those providing employment for health care providers, nursing educators and consumers meet on common ground. The Board of Directors consists of members representing primary, secondary and tertiary levels of nursing service, nurse educators, allied health professionals, and consumers in communities throughout the state of New Jersey. The NJLN is an affiliate of the National League for Nursing.


We invite you to join an organization that believes that health care needs can best be met through the interaction of nurses, consumers, and others who provide health care. NJLN is an organization that offers the opportunity to exchange information, to network, foster leadership and education, while promoting the positive image of nursing. The NJLN gives an equal and respected voice to all those who are involved in or are the recipients of healthcare and publicly acknowledges those individuals and agencies that serve as role models of nursing excellence. This organization advances nursing education through continuing educational programs for nursing faculty and practicing nurses, and offers scholarships for entry level nursing education and for advanced degrees in nursing. These approaches help meet the critical need for nurses for the future. Individual members or Corporate Sponsors… NJLN has a place for all of you!

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