It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that medical facilities strive to offer the most advanced technologies possible. Those developments don’t just apply to machines and techniques, though. Today’s medical professionals are more likely to greet you with an iPad and stylus in hand, rather than a paper folder and pen. There are so many mobile apps available now to assist nurses with everything from ultrasounds to symptom analysis. Here is a rundown of the apps no nurse should be without.


ScrubCheats - Nursing School & NCLEX Cheatsheet
is the Ultimate Nursing Cheatsheet Database and NCLEX Exam Prep Tool to help you dominate nursing school and the NCLEX exam. These cheat sheets are a good quick reference on the go!
Pill Identifier by
offers the easily searchable pill guide you’re already familiar with from the website: you can quickly search over 10,000 pills by shape, color, strength, and more.
Medical Spanish
If you don’t already speak Spanish, you should really have this app. Step over language barriers and offer the best care possible to your patients with this Spanish assistant with audio and commonly used phrases.
is indispensable if you have trouble remembering just what the symptoms of Erlichiosis are. Look up common and not-so-common eponyms for much needed clarification.
OB Wheel
is, admittedly, simply a digitized version of the paper wheel you already use, but with a few improvements: it allows for more flexibility due to irregularities, it has bookmarking capabilities, it may be somewhat more wieldy than the paper wheel, and it’s always in your pocket.
Anyone in pediatric care or emergency care should have this app, which calculates medication for smaller bodies, analyzes symptoms, and describes procedures.
Pocket Body: Musculoskeletal by Pocket Anatomy
offers a comprehensive guide to the musculoskeletal system, and is for that reason a great tool for students. It is also helpful for refreshing the memory of anyone who might not retain all of that information post-graduation.

Med Mnemonics
is another helpful app for nursing students and working nurses alike.
Critical Care ACLS Guide
offers an at-a-glance guide to reading EKGs, administering correct dosages, and avoiding dangerous drug interactions for patients who need life support.

Skyscape Medical Library
is a free app that includes a medical calculator, prescription and over the counter drug information, and access to a database of medical journals and news.

IV Infusion Calculator
A simple, straightforward, and useful IV infusion calculator for iOS! This calculator works great whether you are using a pump or gravity.
Epocrates Essentials
carries a steep price tag, but take into account the fact that is not an app, per se, as much as a full encyclopedia. A subscription to this service provides access to drug information, including a pill guide and interaction warnings; available samples; anatomy, symptom, and disease guide; and a rundown of other helpful mobile apps.

Pocket Lab Values
will help make sense of lab results for all manner of medical analyses.

MRSA Guidelines
is useful, easy to read guide to identify, treat, and prevent relapse of drug-resistant staph.
takes the guesswork out of identifying infectious diseases, which are searchable by sign, symptom, geographical region, and type.
Heart Murmer Pro
gives the listener the opportunity to learn to listen to and understand heart sounds, with 23 different sounds available, and access to medical databases for even more.
Anesthesia Drugs Handbook
is a comprehensive guide to all things aesthesia, including dosage calculations by weight, administration instructions, and interaction information.
The Color Atlas of Family Medicine
is quite an investment, but the encyclopedic collection of medical information and accompanying image may well be worth it for you.

NOTE: These are suggested resource applications and do not replace any formal medical degree or training. The NJLN is not responsible for how these applications are used. These are publically published applications for reference.

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